About Me

I'm a front-end and back-end web developer and team leader. I've built over 50 websites that are true marketing tools— their effectiveness is tracked and attributable. Sorry, recruiters: I love working at WebMechanix.

  • Location . . . Maryland, USA
  • Age . . . 39 yrs
  • Professional Experience . . . 17 yrs
  • At WebMechanix . . . 9 yrs
Work Ethic
Clean Code

W3C standards validation, efficiency, readability, DRY.


My designers aren't lazy or sloppy. Nor am I.

Custom WordPress

I build lean, secure WordPress themes and plugins 100% customized for our clients' needs.


Mobile-first code is just the start. I aim for consistency across all browsers and devices.


I consider “AA” WCAG 2.1 compliance the bare minimum. It's just the right thing to do.


No one likes a slow webpage. Especially search engine bots...


My marketing colleagues get the attribution they deserve.

Conversion Optimization

These are more than just brochure websites. They're money magnets.

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