Slash Command Displays Client’s Google Analytics Goals Directly Within Slack

At WebMechanix my team has built an internal web app that oAuths into various services we use, including HubSpot, Harvest, Google Analytics, Slack, Quickbooks and Asana.  This dashboard aggregates and outputs all this data in amazingly helpful ways.  Dashboard is built on Laravel 5. I built this Slack slash command ( /goals [client-code] ) to […]

Mac Automator App to Take a Screenshot, Instantly Upload it to Your Server, and Copy its URL to your Clipboard

Anyone can Google the Mac keyboard shortcuts for taking screenshots: Shift-⌘-3 for the entire screen or Shift-⌘-4 to select a region (or Shift-⌘-4-Spacebar to select a specific application window). You can even throw a Control in there to copy the image file to your clipboard. By default, the image will save to your desktop as “Screen […]